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In this article we going to perform the criminal profiling of Charles Sobhraj, This criminal has exceled in killing numerous victims and surpassing the limits  


Shubham Kumar

1/26/20245 min read

Criminal Profiling is a integrated part of forensic science, moreover, criminal profiling is different from case studies. In case study, we discuss about each, and every aspect of crime committed, however, in criminal profiling, we discuss about each and every aspect of criminal. In this article we going to perform the criminal profiling of Charles Sobhraj, hold your breath guys, you are not going to regret after reading this criminal profiling.

The explanation given below represents one of the infamous serial killers of all time. This criminal has exceled in killing numerous victims and surpassing the limits of law and administration multiple times in multiples jurisdictions. The information provided below includes


The infamous criminal about which we are going to talk about is Charles Shobhraj, is an Indo-Vietnamese serial killer, who holds grudge to kill numerous people by posing a charming and charisma image. He was born in April 1944 in Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Charles Shobhraj was the mix bread of India and Vietnam parents, as a result the main phase of his life, the evolutionary phase was encountered with deep turbulence in Vietnam. Sobhraj holds the talk of the time during 1970s, when his killings took a leap of faith that no one will ever be able to detect him. His killings subsequently increased in 1970s and soon everyone was aware of him as Charles Sobhraj, the Serial Killer or “Bikini Killer” or “The serpent.”


Charles Sobhraj possess Indo-Vietnamese trait, as his father was from India and his mother was from Vietnam. He was from the small village in Vietnam, however, at the time of his childhood, that are was colonized under French Nation. Due to intense imposition of monarchy rule and harsh colonization aspects, his childhood was filled of turbulence. His evolutionary phase was troubled by multiple factors as a result, he displayed early signs of delinquency.


The socialization process of Charles Sobhraj doesn’t end up on the good note. His socialization was deeply influenced by multiple factors like family background, turbulent childhood experience, exposer to various cultures and imposition of others nationality. He witnessed the expansion of French territories and hard rules and regulation imposed by them on local people. The instability in the family and jeal of independence promoted him to commit delinquency at an early stage. In any person, there are two traits, ID and Super EGO. His super Ego was hindered by these factors, and he became the bag of negative feelings towards others.

Crimes Committed

Due the instability in family and despair of independence from French, he involved himself in pity crimes like Theft and Fraud. These crimes are committed by him in his early stage only. As soon he grows up, the intensity of his crime also grows. His commission of crimes took a great lead ahead from theft, fraud to drug trafficking and murder. Soon Charles Sobhraj became notorious of series of crimes and killing numerous innocents. His major crimes include the deceiving tourists and then making them to intake some mixture of drugs, so that they can either loose perception or consciousness.

Later, he killed then and rob their belongings. He usually disguises himself as the tourist guide and deceives the tourists who come to visit the southeast. Charles Sobharaj received the infamous name of “Bikini Killer” by an unsolved murder case of Teresa Knowlton. She was an American tourist who was found drowned in the golf of Thailand in 1975, wearing only a bikini. Charles was suspected of having a prime involvement in this case.

Modus Operandi

Charles Sobhraj usually targets the tourists who came to visit Southeast Asia during the 1970s. His main weapon was his innocence and a deceiving face. He was well known for his charm, charisma and ability to manipulate people. Shobhraj was highly skilled at gaining the interest of his victims. He possesses a high intellect, of serving tourists as their tour guides and on the same note, deceiving tourists as serial killer. Sobhraj generally opt for the mixture of several drugs to make his victims and unconscious and then to kill them and rob them.

Criminal Signature

Sobhraj gained a high level of conversation skills and intellect so that he disguises himself as the tourist guide, friend to help, offering assistance and presenting himself as someone in need. He was known for his charismatic and charming personality.

Moreover, he possesses high intellect of combination and mixture of drugs too. He generally uses drugs with a lethal combination of substances, allowing him to carry out his crimes without immediate detection. Sobhraj not only possess killing motive, but also, he possesses financial motive too. As after killing, Sobhraj would rob them their belongings, including money, passports, and valuables. Sobhraj was also known for using multiple identities, aliases, and disguises.

Moreover, he incorporates the methods of escaping custody multiple times, by manipulating the loopholes in the law and administration. Whenever he appears in the media, he usually maintains a high level of notoriety. He presents his motives and loopholes in the law and administration by writing books and interviews.

Psychological Condition

Since Charles Sobhraj has suffered from heavy turbulence during his childhood and multiple factors which hindered his superego. As he became an adult, he was converted into the chunk of negative feelings. His psychological trait displays the lack of empathy, manipulative behavior, and propensity of violence. He possesses a high level of social intelligence and human intellect, which ultimately influenced his rate of committing crimes.

Role of Media in Image Development

Charles Sobhraj has appeared multiple times in media, and his media image was deeply influenced by his aggressive interviews, books he wrote and documentaries in which he appeared. The media plays a significant role in shaping Sobhraj’s image as a mysterious and dangerous figure.


Charles Sobhraj remains a subject of fascination and curiosity, representing one of the most infamous criminals in modern history.


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